The Diary entries of Morality

Saturday. July 17th, 2018
Days, months and years are creations of a human mind that believed in instituting order. So is morality. Driven by the belief systems of the masses. Also, by their delusions.

Monday. August 28th, 2018
The needs of people reign supreme. The majority rule to be more precise. I don’t know which nincompoop conjured the idea of a numerically superior population’s ideologies to represent majority. Maybe men and women were all majorly prudent back then. Or, maybe, majorly dumb.
Also, I love logicians. The ones that have no other fucking job in life to a point where they count the days beginning from July 17th until August 28th to prove that it ain’t a Monday. Wait. Is the 17th of July a Saturday first?

Thursday. November 9th. 2018
We all have our own wishes. Our whims.Our morals driven by an endless need chain. Like those food chains that we shoddily draw for our biology assignments. Those chains where the men eat the chicken that eats insects that feed on plants. Wait. Why do the men never eat dogs or cats? The very idea makes you cringe doesn’t it? Why do we resort to an action or inaction? We fix parameters for evolution based on the ability to accept. Acceptance to atheism. Acceptance to feminism. Acceptance to diversity. Acceptance to change.
We’ve seek to transcend the black and the white. To embrace the grey and glorify deeper shades of it. But isn’t grey still a color?

Sunday. I fucking don’t remember the day.
My mother tells me a story. Always. Sometimes.
The story of how men begun to feed on meet.
A man was mooting a fire to keep himself warm from the biting cold. A wild pig that is fleeing into the forest accidentally falls into the fire. As he pushes away the pig from within the fire, the heat of the fire burns his fingers. Impulsively, he puts his finger into his mouth to soothe the burn. As the first drops of cooked meat touch his lips, our biology books update themselves to call man an omnivore. Now imagine, what if a human had fallen into the fire instead of a pig? Is your morality shielding you from even trying to imagine the possibility? Impulses work the same. Be it pigs or men.

Strangely though, I seem to find that the morals evolve with time. Daily. And I find that the evolution is inclining morals towards an ubiquitous acceptance.
Aren’t we funny creatures that devise our own morality and slowly pull one brick at a time disintegrating the need for the same?

There’s a lot of newer buttons I could push. I am tired for the day though. Also, certain instagram writers are pure shit. And they find 15,00,000 followers. So, I’d rather refrain from pushing morality any further. The world anyways wants to wake up to cheesy letters written in praise of elder brothers or carefully curated anecdotes that drive ephemeral notions of positive thinking.


3 thoughts on “The Diary entries of Morality

  1. Wow. This is beautifully written. Inspiring and driven. I like your writing style, you were able to express your truth and your emotions through your writings. Nice work, truly remarkable. I hope you could follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Thank you! Keep writing great stuff. 😊

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